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Oct 21st 2006
On one of those rare moments when I watch television I heard this quote and I wanted to share it with you.  “You can use your imagination to either solve problems or cause them.  Which one will it be?”
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Reality Check

Oct 19th 2006
Here’s a reality check for you.  Making money in the Salon Business is not about being the best haircutter or haircolorist or any other technical aspect.  I know that may offend some artists,  however,  the cold hard truth is that making money is all about marketing.  You can be the greatest haircutter in the world,  […]
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Myth Busting

Oct 14th 2006
I just received an e-mail advertising an upcoming educational event.  The e-mail stated how important it was to be there because "knowledge is power."  While I understand their intent,  the truth is that knowledge is not power.  Instead,  it is the application and implementation of knowledge that is power.  So what do I mean?  How […]
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5 quick tips to success

Oct 5th 2006
1. Start early.  What the early bird gets is success.  Get going before everyone else and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much more you accomplish. 2. Love what you do.  If you dislike what you do,  nothing in the world will help you be successful.  If you love what you do,  nothing will keep you […]
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Mentors Part 2

Oct 3rd 2006
Mentors is the subject of the week and our  corporate Creative Director,  Allison Price and Amanda Maxfield the Artistic Director of our West Jordan location  just had the opportunity to meet one of theirs.  Last week Allison and Amanda attended the Redken Exchange in New York City where they were able to attend an advanced […]