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A Day with Geno Stampora

Apr 29th 2009
Last week we had the opportunity to spend the day with the always inspiring Geno Stampora who will be inducted into the NAHA Hall of Leaders this summer.  What a great day! Geno is one of the main reasons I got into education. As a young Salon Owner, Geno's words motivated me to reach for […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 7)

Apr 27th 2009
Mission 7 Think Win,  Win.  National statistics show that the average salon only makes a 6% profit and that a large percentage of independent salons are likely to fail. On average only 2 in 5 stylists will still be doing hair in 3 years. Some of the statistics can be pretty sobering. However it doesn’t have to […]
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An Afternoon with Yosh

Apr 24th 2009
Industry Legend. Successful Salon Owner. Recipient of the NAHA Lifetime Achievement Award. These are just a few of the words that describe Yosh Toya. An even better description of Yosh might be Mentor and Philanthropist. After a lifetime of success in the salon, Yosh is determined to give back to the industry that he has […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 6)

Apr 20th 2009
Mission 6 Take Action!  When all is said and done more is said than done. That's because we have all bought into the biggest lie out there,  that knowledge is power.  You see knowledge is not power,  it is the application and implementation of knowledge that is power. What you know doesn’t mean a thing, but what […]
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Former students having success-Kelly Hanna

Apr 19th 2009
I have had the opportunity this year to check up on the progress of several former students and I am excited to say that there are many of our graduates out making a difference and finding tremendous success. Over the next few months I’ll share some of my favorites stories in my words and theirs […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 5)

Apr 14th 2009
Mission 5 Have More Fun Lighten up and have more fun.  I think there are a lot of companies in this world who have made the mistake of not understanding that having a good time is a good solid business principle.  When people enjoy what they do and have a good time doing it,  -they […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 4)

Apr 7th 2009
Mission 4  Control your attitude  Successful people understand how critical the skill of having a good attitude is.  I won’t tell you that having a good attitude is going to keep things from happening to you,  or make your life perfect.  We all have challenges;  however,  having a good attitude will help you deal with […]
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Students to assist Nicholas French at NAHA

Apr 4th 2009
We are excited to announce that 1 student from each Taylor Andrews location will have the opportunity to assist Nicholas French at the North American Hairstyling Awards this July.  Nicholas will be providing the opening and closing segments for this years NAHA event and these lucky students will be right there assisting Nicholas behind the […]