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Faatemah Ampey and Phillip Wilson at Taylor Andrews

Oct 29th 2009
What a great week at Taylor Andrews. We had an unexpected visit from our friend Phillip Wilson who was in Salt Lake City filming for FHI Heat. Phillip interviewed me for his project and then discussed working together in the near future. (More on that in the next few days) On Tuesday Faatemah Ampey, the […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 34)

Oct 26th 2009
Mission 34 Pre-booking Rewards  This week and three more times this year, -put together a program that rewards clients for pre-booking.  Pre-booking is the magical way to increase your capacity for earning. Mark on a calendar the weeks you want to run one of the following monthly promotions.  Pre-book your appointment now for a weekly drawing of […]
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NAHA winner Faatemah Ampey at Taylor Andrews next week

Oct 23rd 2009
NAHA Fashion Forward award winning stylist Faatemah Ampey will be teaching this coming week at Taylor Andrews. Faatemah will teach two hour classes Tuesday the 27th at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in West Jordan and again in St. George on Wednesday afternoon. This class is open to all current and former students as well […]
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The Alternative Hair Show in London

Oct 21st 2009
  Wow! The Alternative Hair Show was fantastic. It was a long day, but great and so worth it. I expected to be the go-fer for Nicholas French’s team while Sherri did the makeup, but I ended up doing a little work on the hair pieces, the first real hair that I have done in about […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 33)

Oct 19th 2009
Mission 33 Grow Your Average Ticket  This week come to work 15 minutes early. Total your day’s appointments. Whatever your total is, -add 20% to it. That extra 20% is your goal. For example, -if your day totals $250, 20% of that is $50. That’s your goal–$50.  Now, -what services for what clients can you add on? Who needs brow waxing, -highlights,  -deep conditioners, -and so on? Know […]
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Trip to London Day 3

Oct 18th 2009
Had a great day sight seeing in London mixed with a little shopping and people watching. We then met with Nicholas to go over final details for his Alternative Hair show presentation. Today we will be leaving shortly to the Royal Albert Hall to start preping the models. Sherri is doing the makeup and I […]
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Trip to London Day 2

Oct 16th 2009
Well I'm off to a poor start with technology here. My iphone is not receiving service and my computer can't seem to pick up the wifi in my room. (I'm using an old computer in the hotels lobby.)In addition, I burned up my shaving clippers using this European power. Aaaah! London however, has been great. […]
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Trip to London

Oct 16th 2009
For the next couple of days I'll share our experiences as we travel to London to assist Nicholas French with the Alternative Hair show. The long flight from New York to London was one of the most unusual I've ever been on. The plane was filled with Orthodox Jews. They were all very friendly and […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 32)

Oct 12th 2009
Mission 32 Plan For Success  Speakers, -Authors and Trainers love to tell you that there are secrets to success. If you’ll just give me your money, -I’ll be happy to share them with you. Well that’s just bull! There are no secrets. There is no revolutionary new information. The same things it takes to be successful today are the same things it […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 31)

Oct 5th 2009
Mission 31 Incredible Customer Service Part 2 This week and for the rest of your life,  practice delivering Incredible Customer Service. Pretend that every client has MMFI written across their forehead: “Make Me Feel Important.” Remember, when it comes to clients, there is no right or wrong, only unhappiness or bliss. Remember, we are going to pretend the client is right, even when they […]