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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 39)

Nov 30th 2009
Mission 39 Prospect for New Clients Prospect for new clients daily. When time permits over the next week and thereafter, -seek out people who look interesting and hand them your business card. Explain what you specialize in. Hand out a minimum of 10 cards a month. Choose people who you think you’d like to have as clients. If you go to […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 38)

Nov 24th 2009
Mission 38 Act Like The Owner Today and everyday hereafter, -act like the owner. Have an appreciative eye. Pick up, -clean up, -help out, -and come to work early. Say hello to everyone and goodbye when you leave. Compliment your co-workers work. Smile until your jaw aches. Do more than you have to do. Go beyond the call of duty for your clients and your associates. Treat […]
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Bill Gates speaks to new graduates

Nov 17th 2009
Saw this little speech from Bill Gates awhile back and I liked it and wanted to share it. Rule 1: Life is not fair – get used to it! 

Rule 2 : The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. 

Rule 3 : […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 37)

Nov 16th 2009
Mission 37 I’ve Missed You  This week, -think about your clients who have not been back for some time. Access your computer database for an accurate list or just recall them by memory. Send each one of  those missing-in-action clients a hand-written note telling them that you miss them and that you would like to see them again. Offer […]
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Brian and Sandra Smith at Taylor Andrews next week!

Nov 14th 2009
2009 NAHA Master Stylists of the Year, Brian and Sandra Smith will be teaching at Taylor Andrews on this coming Wednesday, November 18th. Chosen by Modern Salon as two of the top 75 educators of the past 100 years, Brian and Sandra are a dynamic married couple who have been wowing audiences for years with […]
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Peter Mahoney at Taylor Andrews this Monday

Nov 12th 2009
Redken's Peter Mahoney will be joining us for a two hour seminar on Salon Mastery, this coming Monday November 16 at 6:00 p.m..                                                 As lead trainer for Salon Consultants International Inc. and […]
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 36)

Nov 9th 2009
Mission 36 Referral Review  Today and every day this week, -ask each one of your clients if they like their hair. If they say “Yes,” -ask them to recommend you to their friends. Give them eight of your business cards and write their name on the back of the card. Tell them that for every client they send you, you’ll give […]
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The Alternative Hair Show in London

Nov 2nd 2009
Just wanted to post this photo from The Alternative Hairshow‘s website. It shows us, (The Nicholas French team and our models) with Anthony Mascolo and Tony Rizzo presenting a check to Leukemia Research for $175,000 pounds. (about $286,000 dollars) It was a wonderful experience and was great to be part of such a worthwhile cause.
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Mission Possible – An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 35)

Nov 2nd 2009
Mission 35 What’s Happening  This week, -thumb through the hair-scene section of consumer and trade magazines to make yourself fully aware of what’s happening with hair, -makeup, -color, -and fashion. Look at the celebrities who most influence our industry and know how to recreate these looks. Write a paragraph on what’s happening and who’s making it happen. Then show it off by […]