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Day to Night Makeup Tips

Dec 26th 2014
Follow these day to night makeup tips to make the most of your evening.
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Beauty Tips for Family Pictures

Dec 11th 2014
Before taking your family photos, be sure to keep these beauty tips in mind to help create your perfect family photo. This will be a memory you can keep and reflect back on for years to come.
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Building Your Brand After Beauty School

Nov 25th 2014
Take the steps to market yourself in the real world, helping to build your own success.
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Three Steps for Networking in the Beauty Industry

Nov 10th 2014
These steps to networking in the beauty industry can help lead you down the path to success, starting your career off right.
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Beauty Trends Around the World

Oct 16th 2014
Take a look at some of the more popular beauty trends from around the globe, and how these may line up or differentiate from the beauty customs in your own area.
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Choosing the Right Hairbrush

Aug 12th 2014
Learn the differences between the different options to determine which hairbrush will be best for your length, style, and thickness of hair.
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Tips for Curly Hair

Aug 1st 2014
  For those who have curly hair, the stages of maintenance and control will vary. Frizziness and other problems are common with the hair, leading to deeper problems. If you have curly hair, there are some trick and solutions you can try to help keep your hair contained and healthy. Follow these tactics to keep […]
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Four Tips to Avoid Split Ends

Jul 9th 2014
Split ends not only look bad, but they can also be very damaging to your hair. Keep your locks healthy for longer by taking proper care of them. Follow these tips to avoid split ends before they even have the chance to occur. This will be beneficial, helping to prevent a necessary trim from turing […]
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Four Foods for Healthy Hair

Jun 27th 2014
    There are many factors that have a strong influence on our bodies, one of the most important of these being the foods we eat. Not only will eating the right foods have a strong impact on your body’s physical health, but these nutrients are also critical for the health of your hair. Alongside […]
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FantasyCon Hair and Makeup

Jun 18th 2014
This year’s Salt Lake FantasyCon will be held July 3rd through the 5th at The Salt Palace. There will be many events, appearances, and merchandise to be had during this convention. For those who are in attendance, one of the most fun and exciting parts is being able to dress into a character of their […]