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Managing the Physical Demands of Being a Cosmetologist

Dec 12th 2018
When preparing for your career as a cosmetologist, most people focus on the skills and experience they need to succeed. However, cosmetology does not just require technical skills — life as a hairstylist means you will also be managing a salon’s physical demands. You will be bending, reaching, holding your arms above your waist, and […]
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How to Take Care of Your Haircutting Shears

Nov 27th 2018
Haircutting shears, also called haircutting scissors are the lifeblood of any cosmetologist. Without shears, a haircutting professional would not be able to do his or her job. To those who aren’t in the haircutting or barbering professions, shears may appear to only be a pair of odd looking scissors. Shears, however, are big investments as […]
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Building Your Brand After Beauty School

Nov 5th 2018
Take the steps to market yourself in the real world, helping to build your own success.
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It’s Time to Change Beauty School Dropout to Beauty School Graduate

Nov 2nd 2018
Originally posted Jan. 6th 2014. Updated with new information. There’s a popular song from the musical, Grease, simply called “Beauty School Dropout.” In it, one of the character’s works to convince the other that it’s time to go back to high school and focus on a more “mundane” or “usual” career. The singer was sure this […]
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10 Tips for Choosing the Right Beauty School

Sep 26th 2018
Originally posted Jun 21st 2011. Updated with new information. A career in the beauty industry is an opportunity to have an impact on someone’s life every day. In Nicholas French’s words: “With a pair of scissors and comb and a brush, you can make people happy, you can make people cry, you can make people miserable, […]
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Kickstart Your Beauty Career

Aug 14th 2018
A career in beauty or cosmetology is a fun, exciting and rewarding one. The career is popular for both young students right out of high school and adults who want a career change. As simple as applying make-up or cutting and styling hair appears, there are technical aspects that must be learned and perfected. Proficiency […]
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Types of Financial Aid and Scholarships Offered at Taylor Andrews

Jul 30th 2018
You have always wanted to be a cosmetologist. You’ve enjoyed making friends and family look their best and you can’t get enough reading about the latest make-up and hair style trends. You’re excited to begin your career at Taylor Andrews. You then look at how much your program is going to cost to complete. There’s […]
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How to Make the Most of Cosmetology School

Jul 9th 2018
You’ve always enjoyed helping people look their best, so without a second thought, you decide to go to cosmetology school. You’re excited to become a professional cosmetologist, however, the idea of going to school, taking classes and examinations sound less than thrilling. Unfortunately, some students see cosmetology school as just that, a necessary evil to […]
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3 Advantages of Going to Taylor Andrews for Your Salon Services

Jul 5th 2018
It can be overwhelming when sorting through the plethora of hair, makeup, nail, and waxing salons throughout Utah. You just don’t know where to start. Have you considered your local beauty school? A beauty school may be the last place you thought of going to. You may be hesitant to sacrifice your precious hair to […]
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Requirements to Become a Cosmetologist

Jun 21st 2018
You have always enjoyed experimenting with modern styling trends in order to make others look their best. You’re known to be a creative, upbeat people person. Maybe one or two or even multiple people have mentioned that you should pursue a career in cosmetology. The thought of working in your own salon has been your […]