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How to Take Care of Your Haircutting Shears

Nov 27th 2018
Haircutting shears, also called haircutting scissors are the lifeblood of any cosmetologist. Without shears, a haircutting professional would not be able to do his or her job. To those who aren’t in the haircutting or barbering professions, shears may appear to only be a pair of odd looking scissors. Shears, however, are big investments as […]
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Building Your Brand After Beauty School

Nov 5th 2018
Take the steps to market yourself in the real world, helping to build your own success.
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It’s Time to Change Beauty School Dropout to Beauty School Graduate

Nov 2nd 2018
Originally posted Jan. 6th 2014. Updated with new information. There’s a popular song from the musical, Grease, simply called “Beauty School Dropout.” In it, one of the character’s works to convince the other that it’s time to go back to high school and focus on a more “mundane” or “usual” career. The singer was sure this […]