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The Taylor Andrews Blog

3 Fundamental Lessons We've Learned From Geno Stampora

We’re thrilled to welcome Geno Stampora – platform artist and member of the NAHA Hall of Leaders – to Taylor Andrews on August 2nd! Geno has worked in the industry for thirty years and done everything from “shampoo boy to colorist to out selling products in salons.” His most important work, however, has come as he has inspired students and stylists everywhere to improve their technique and hone their business skills. Here are just a few important lessons we’ve learned from Geno over the years:

  1. Fear gets in the way. According to Geno, 78% of challenges we face will resolve themselves without our doing anything. Fear is nothing more than “false evidence appearing real.” Once we free ourselves from fear, we can conquer our weaknesses.
  2. Everyone needs a mentor. Geno has taught us that “sometimes it’s not possible for you to get you were you want to go,” that you must listen to the counsel of stylists who’ve gone before to achieve your full potential. Mentors help us tune out the negative mentality into which we may fall.
  3. Practice, practice, practice. We live in one of the few industries where we are paid to practice: we can learn a great deal just from cutting clients’ hair! However, we must still use mannequins or models so we can learn and make mistakes while practicing. It’s our responsibility to keep our technique as fresh and current as possible.

Join us on August 2nd at Taylor Andrews – Utah’s premier cosmetology school – to learn more from hair design master Geno Stampora.