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5 Easy Ways to Change up Your Style on a Budget

Are you tired of pulling the same old thing out of your closet in the morning? Have you exhausted all the possibilities of your current hairstyle? Do you feel like you have been stuck in the same patterns for years, maybe even decades? If so, it might be time for a beauty and style change.


Now, change can be scary, but using these quick and easy methods, you can feel like a new person without paying much more than you usually would. Now, let’s take you to the limits of your comfort zone of style.


Introduce bright colors into your wardrobe

  • Trying adding something bright to your dark-colored outfits, using an accessory such as a purse, sash, or belt. Pink, turquoise, or red make excellent additions.

Changing your hairstyle

  • Something as simple as switching the location of your part could give you the confident feeling you get when you first walk out of the hair salon. For something a bit more drastic, try layers, highlights, or short hair.

Add accessories!

  • Mixing up the belts, jewelry, scarves, shoes, and purses you accentuate your outfit with will give you a fresh spin on an old favorite.

Exotic patterns

  • Buying a patterned shirt over a plain one, whether it’s a zebra print, cheetah print, or even a diamond plaid, will add pizzazz to any outfit.

Look for style tips in magazines

  • If you see a style you like in a magazine or on a celebrity, you can keep it in mind and look for a less expensive option in a department or thrift store.

Hopefully, this quick list will help add some newness to your style, something you might have been looking for recently. For all your beauty questions, or to start your career, contact the cosmetology education specialists!

-Kassandra Konecny