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5 Ways to Ensure Your Utah Cosmetology School is Credible

utah cosmetology school credibility

The cosmetology industry is booming. New and improved methods of beautifying and empowering women are becoming more prevalent as cosmetologists experiment with new methods and have fun with their clients’ hair and look. If you’re like many students in Utah, you may find yourself excited about the prospect of joining a cosmetology school and joining the beauty revolution that’s happening all over the country.

Luckily, Utah is full of cosmetology schools, and you’ll likely have your choice in what school to go to. But how do you pick the right school to attend? Choosing a cosmetology school isn’t much different from choosing a university, but it’s a choice that needs to feel right for you and your career goals.

One of the most important factors to choosing a cosmetology school is ensuring the school itself is credible. Let’s take a look at the fives ways you can ensure your Utah cosmetology school is credible.

  1. Is the school accredited? The first thing you need to consider is whether the school is accredited or not. While you can still get a job after you go to an unaccredited school, you’ll get the most out of one that has accreditation. Being accredited means the beauty school meets or exceeds the Department of Education’s minimum standards for education. When you go to an accredited beauty school, you can be sure you’ll receive training from qualified professionals.
  2. Check into Financial Aid and scholarship options. Most credible beauty schools will provide options for financial assistance. If the school you go to is pushing you to pay the full amount of tuition right away, you might want to take a step back and reconsider. Beauty school can be expensive, and not everyone has enough money to pay tuition upfront. Ask the school’s admissions specialist about Financial Aid and scholarship options. If they do, it’s a good sign that the school is credible.
  3. Ensure the curriculum provides real-world experience. What good will it do you to graduate from a cosmetology school without having any kind of practical experience? Any credible beauty school will not only demonstrate proper technique, they should also allow you to practice on model heads and real people. If you’re not getting that real-world experience, you’ll be ill equipped to find a job after graduation.
  4. Does the school offer job placement assistance? The cosmetology world is all about collaboration and progress. There are so many salons all over the country and throughout Utah, but will your school help with job placement after graduation? The best cosmetology schools have relationships with salons near and far within the state and should be able to help you find a job at one of these salons once you’re all certified.
  5. The school is up front and honest about everything. This point is true of most businesses and industries. If the school is being suspicious and won’t give you full answers to the questions you ask, you should be hesitant about attending that school. Credible schools want you to choose them because it means they’re getting paid and they get to add to their roster of incredible talent. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to keep looking elsewhere.

Find the right Utah cosmetology school can be a difficult task, but it’s definitely not an impossible one! Be cautious and meticulous in your research in order to find a credible school such as Taylor Andrews. In the end, your education and future matter most. If a school can’t provide you the best education and future, don’t hesitate to find one that will.