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A Lesson In Attitude

A friend of mine was recently traveling home from Washington D.C..  During the course of his flight he struck up a conversation with the young lady sitting next to him on the plane.  He was impressed by her positive outlook on life as she talked of her excitement of attending college in the fall and the many activities that she planned on being part of.  My friend asked her about her trip to Washington D.C.,  was it a vacation?  She said no,  she had been traveling with her parents to speak to a congressional committee.  Suddenly it dawned upon my friend who he was sitting next to.  The young lady in the seat next to him was Elizabeth Smart.  Just a few years earlier Elizabeth had been kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home,  held captive and abused by her kidnapper until being rescued nine months later.  Here was a girl who had Smart been through a terrible ordeal,  and yet she looked forward to the rest of her life with confidence and enthusiasm.   Elizabeth had been through a real tragedy and yet she sees the world and its challenges through a different lens than many of us. The important thing to remember is that no one is too old to learn to change their outlook.  We will all have challenges in our lives.  The question is how will we choose to deal with them?

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