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Are you ready for your 15 minutes?

If you believe in Andy Warhol's quote about everyone having 15 minutes of fame then my wife Sherri just used up a couple of her minutes recently at the Sundance Film Festival.  For most of her life people have mistaken her for Heather Locklear or occasionally Christie Brinkley.  Once an elderly lady said "You're somebody aren't you?  I know you are."  and despite Sherri's protests she went away certain that Sherri was someone famous.  She certainly is somebody,  just not the celebrity the lady first thought.  A couple of weeks ago while attending Sundance we were walking from the ski lift down the stairs to main street.  The bottom of the stairs were filled with paparazzi watching for celebrities.  One of them must have mistaken her for a star and took her photo.  The next thing you know the melee was on! The evening sky was filled with flashes as the paparazzi all scrambled to take her photo.  Believing that she must be famous,  all of the celebrity watchers started taking photos too. Sherri was slightly embarrassed and started to walk the other way, but that just made the group chase us.  Paparazzi were yelling "one picture,  one picture please."  I grabbed her arm,  spun her around and had her pose for "one picture" for all of the paparazzi. It was a crazy fun experience and it left Sherri with a huge smile on her face.  I'm sure there were some baffled editors later that night when they looked through their photos and wondered who this mystery celebrity was.  


An experience like this makes me wonder;  How ready are you to be thrust into the spotlight.  If the camera was on and the interviewer stepped up and asked "What makes you great?"  Would you have an answer?  Are you prepared with a passionate,  enthusiastic response?  Could you articulate what you do or offer both quickly and memorably?  Do you have a mission statement for you or your company? And I don't mean one of those long winded corporate mission statements that no one can recite.  I mean something that says exactly what you offer.  My mission statement for Taylor Andrews is "Teaching You To Reach Your Dreams."  It says exactly what I want us to be about, in just one sentence.  What will yours say?

After you've developed your mission statement, work on the rest of your personal presentation.  Can you give a short but enthusiastic presentation on what you have to offer? It is important that you become known for something.  

YOUR CHALLENGE: Figure out what is unique about you and be prepared to share it with the world.

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