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Back Stage Beauty: High School Hair Timpview

The scrutinizing eyes of high school hallways are quite possibly one of the most important places to have hot, flawless hair. That is where we at Taylor Andrew’s comes in! Let us save you from a bad hair day… your crush never has to know your hair wasn’t like that since before fourth period, right? Right. From perfectly coiffed curls on the girls to sexy spikes on the guys, we knew what hair style would be perfect for what student the moment they sat down in our chair. Plus, they got to have their friends watch and get their hair styled too. Pretty cool, huh?


Anyway, this particular trip was made to the home of the T-Birds in Provo. Timpview is known for it’s luxurious cars in the student parking lot, school spirit and meticulous attention to detail in academics and appearances. Needless to say Taylor Andrews can relate; maybe not to the car bit but to the rest!

We set up in the main commons area, a buzzing nest of trendy thunderbirds. Events like these are the perfect opportunity for us to show younger students how great hair school can be. After all a career in beauty, is not about crunching numbers {math class?} sitting at a desk all day, {High School life in general...} or sitting in lame meetings all day. A career in hair is about letting your creative energy explode and show people how confident they can be in themselves with something as simple as a new hair style or make-up look.

That being said, we got right to work on the students! Updating their do’s and reinventing their mood. Plus, a lot of girls and even guys were really interested in the program. And for those that weren’t it was fun to give them a style they were proud of – even if they insisted their hair be colored or their eye make-up sport orange and blue shades of Thunderbird pride.


That’s it for now, guys! Keep checking back to see if we mention your high school in one of our “Back Stage Beauty” blogs!