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Beauty Trends Around the World

All around the world different beauty trends make an impact on the culture. While some of these may seem odd or out of place to those coming from other areas, they are perfectly normal for those in these areas. Take a look at some of the more popular beauty trends from around the globe, and how these may line up or differentiate from the beauty customs in your own area.  

Lotus Shoes

     While no longer part of the current culture, lotus shoes were at one time a popular women’s footwear traditionally worn in China. At one point in this culture, having feet that were extra petite was considered the epitome of beauty. These women’s feet were first bound, shaping them to fit in the small flower shaped shoes. The lasting effects of these restraining shoes can be seen in the older generation who went through this fashion trend.  

Dr Marten

     This combat style boot has gained popularity across the world in recent years, although it’s original purpose was simply for practical reasons. The boot originated in Munich, Germany as a way to protect against foot injury while keeping your feet dry in the snow. The working class look made these boots popular for many youth.  


     The boubou (or M’boubou for females) is a loose fitting robe that is most common in West Africa, although some immigrants in Europe can be seen wearing this traditional piece. There are varying levels of boubous, some including intricate embroidery. These are often passed on from generation to generation as heirlooms for the family.  


     Kilts are an iconic fashion trend from Scotland, a stereotype of the country. However, there was a 35 year span in the 1700s when kilts were banned from being worn. This only made the fashion trend desired more. While there are many knock offs that can be purchased, a real kilt will cost a couple hundred dollars.  


     While many women around the world use eyeliner on a regular basis, in Egypt the color and design has been taken to the next level. This type of eyeliner is thought to have been used in the country since 10,000 BC. Not only was this makeup thought to protect those wearing it from certain curses, it was also used to protect the eyes from the desert sun. Despite many crossovers, there are still many distinct beauty trends present around the world. Each of these are unique, and have cultural significance. Become familiar with another area’s beauty trends, appreciating the unique characteristics.  
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