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Beloved Braids

We are well into summer and Utah has had its fair share of hot, HOT, record breaking days, with many more to come and there is nothing worse than your hair sticking to your neck and face during those hot and sweaty days. Summer updos help keep hair off your neck and face while helping keep cool.
While there are always the ponytails and topknots that ruled our heads last year, incorporating braids brings texture and a great twist to these favorite styles while helping keep you cool during these hot summer months.

Topknot French Braid

Braids are a great way to add texture and oomph to a boring topknot. A topknot with a French braid is a great updo that can easily be created in under five minutes. Plus, the upside down French braid is a nice surprise. This style is great becasue it is easy to create, pulls all your hair out of the way, and takes very little time to do, but its a trendy, easy style that does not look like you just rolled out of bed.

Crown Braid



Crown braiding may have started as a wreath of flowers, but with its boho


vibe it is


definitely one of this summer’s hottest styles. It looks a lot harder to create than it actually is, but if you know how to French braid, this romantic sophisticated look is easy to pull off.

French Braid Ponytail

Wearing a ponytail every day may keep your hair off your face and neck but a ponytail every day can be boring. By adding in braids on the sides or wrapping a braid around the base, your ponytail gets a chic make-over perfect for summer. The best part? These styles are great for unwashed hair.

Be sure to try out different braids into your everyday hairstyles. Rope braids, fishtail or waterfall braids are easy to learn and incorporate into an updo for those hot summer months. Also, think about adding waves or loose curls to keep your ponytail interesting. But remember not to go crazy by adding too much hair product. Too much product on hot summer days does not equal a great hair day.
If you are looking to learn more beauty tips or ways to revamp your look, check out cosmetology education.