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Best Bridal Hairstyles

Every bride looks forward to her wedding with anticipation and excitement. There are a so many things that need to be planned out beforehand that some of the smaller things may have the potential to be overlooked. Don’t let this happen, especially when it comes to your hairstyle. Decide which style you wish to incorporate on your big day, and put the plan into motion.




Take the proper steps to prepare before the big event. Do a little research to find a stylist that will not only be within your price range, but have the skill to give you the hairstyle you want. Don’t just leave it up to the big day. Whether it is for bridals, or just to test it out, show your stylist a picture of what you want, or describe to them as best as you can.


By having the style done before the big day, you can determine if you really want it done in that way, or what subtle changes you would like made. Don’t be afraid to tell your stylist if you want any changes. They won’t be offended, and can make any alterations you see fit.


Pulled up


When done by a professional, there are many variations that the pulled up look can offer. This style is versatile; whether you want it slicked back or backcombed prior for volume it can be done. Any style requires you to consider what type of headwear you will have on your wedding day, but this is even truer when pulling your hair back.


The traditional veil is not the only option you have. Consider adding a headband, tiara, or flower to your hair in some way. You can ask your stylist for their opinion, or find a way to incorporate the style yourself. In addition to this, braids or other designs may be added along the side of your hair, or back within the bun. Look for suggestions that fit in with the style of your wedding.




Instead of pulling your hair up, you can leave it down, choosing from just as many styles in this fashion. Choose to curl, straighten, or crimp in whatever fashion. You can still incorporate a hairpiece along with this, but it may be placed in a different manner.


What your hairstyle will look like depends in part on how long your hair is. It may be more difficult to add curls to shorter hair, while longer locks may look better partially pulled back. In this situation again talk with your stylist to get their opinion on the style.


If your big day is coming up, don’t hesitate to find the right style. Choose well in advance and test out the style before your wedding day. This will ensure you get the style you’ve always wanted, making your day as special as possible.

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