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Choosing the Right Beauty School

The beauty industry is a place where you can have an impact lives every day. In Nicholas French’s words, “with a pair of scissors and comb and a brush, you can make people happy, you can make people cry, you can make people miserable, you can make people get married… and you’re responsible for that.” It’s important to choose the right beauty school to establish a solid foundation for your career. Here are a few guidelines on choosing the right school:
  1. Guest Artists: A good cosmetology school will bring in the industry’s brightest minds to instruct their students. World-famous salon professionals visit Taylor Andrews year round. Past artists have included Phillip Wilson, Vivienne MacKinder, Nicholas French, Faatemah Ampey, and Brian and Sandra Smith.
  2. Atmosphere: Your classroom should look like a professional’s everyday work environment. This helps you feel comfortable in a salon setting immediately upon graduation. According to Brian Smith, Taylor Andrews “looks like a very upswept spa… so all of the students are going to really get the feeling of what they’re going to be doing in life.”
  3. Reputation: Your cosmetology school should have a history of high graduate job-placement and openly inform you about the credentials and experience of its owners and instructors. Taylor Andrews students are successful from Los Angeles to New York.
  4. Hands-on Experience: Students should be cutting hair in a hands-on setting as frequently as possible. We focus on giving our students the experience needed to succeed, and our externship program gives you the chance to work in the area’s top salons while still in school!

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  • Callum Palmer says:

    Not many students would think about it, but I think the article makes a fantastic point regarding whether or not a cosmetology school should bring in professional artists from over the world. After all, when you choose to attend beauty school you want to make sure you’re learning from the best. Ideally, your teachers should be certified to train you and you should regularly have exposure to professionals from the industry to see what it is like.

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