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Choosing the Right Curling Iron

The beauty world is continually growing as new tools and products help bring way to new styles. The once simple curling iron has given way to a variety of options from the double barrel to the curling wand. Each curling iron has advantages for styling your hair. Take a look at each of these to find the right tool for you.




The barrel curling iron is possibly one of the most popular curling irons out there. This tool comes in a variety of sizes, each having a different impact on your hair. Some of the most popular sizes include:


  • 2” barrel - this thick barrel isn’t so much meant for curling your hair, but giving a nice rounded flow to the ends of your hair. Those with longer hair will find this curling iron effective in giving a blowout look. Use this in place of your round brush.
  • 1 ½” barrel - smaller than the previous one this curling iron gives bold curls full of volume.
  • 1 ¼” barrel - possibly the most common size for a barrel curling iron, this gives a nice defined curl that is still loose enough to look natural.
  • 1” barrel - this smaller barrel is perfect for those with shorter hair, giving a swept look. These curls will be tighter than the previous options.
  • ¾” barrel - for those looking for a vintage hairstyle, this size will often give the best. These clearly defined curls are perfect for many hairstyles.
  • ⅝” barrel - those who already have a natural curl to their hair will love this size curling iron. It’s perfect for touching up those hard to manage curls.


Choose the barrel that will best suit your curling style. For those who don’t like using barrel curling irons there are other options as well.


Curling Wand


The curling wand is unique in that there is no clip holding the hair in place while you curl. While this can take some time getting used to it, once you get the hang of it the curling wand can give you uniquely beautiful curls. With this curling iron the ends of your hair are the last piece to wrap around the curling wand. This gives some protection against the heat, avoiding split ends and damage. In addition to this, the curling wand makes it easier to reach the root of the hair.


Double Barrel


Double barrel or even the triple barrel curling irons are also known as wavers. This curl gives a figure eight shape, giving more of a wave to the hair. Rather than holding the curling iron in place for a long time, these tools are pressed against big sections of hair for a shorter amount of time, moving quickly through. This curl is unique from the rest in the way it flows.

Try out a few different types of curling irons to find the curl you love. Depending on your type and length of hair, some options may better for you than others.

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