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Clayton Dream Scholarship


Taylor Andrews Academy will be offering two full tuition scholarships in honor of the late Clayton Garvis.

The scholarship is only eligible for the Barbering courses that are held at the Provo and West Jordan campus.

If you have a passion for philanthropy, serving your community, and a desire to be the best at your craft, please fill out the information below.

The scholarship recipients will be awarded on August 20th at 7pm via Facebook live. Submissions close at midnight August 16th.
Please fill out the information below to be considered:

You must enroll in classes before December 2020 to be eligible.

Terms and conditions

  1. Scholarship Terms and Conditions
  2. Scholarship funds will be applied to tuition only and will not cover student kits, books and supplies.
  3. Students who are eligible for FAFSA need to apply for Pell Grants.  If student qualifies, the amount will be applied to tuition and Taylor Andrews will scholarship the remaining balance.
  4. Scholarships will be awarded to the student in the form of a credit against their balance owed.  Disbursements will take place during the required SAP reporting periods.  If the student has not maintained an 80% in academics and attendance during the SAP period, they will be on probation and will not be eligible for the current disbursement.  If they are able to bring their percentage back up at the next SAP period, they will then be eligible for the next disbursement.
  5. Taylor Andrews Academy Scholarships are contingent upon completion.  If a student does not complete the program, they will forfeit any scholarship monies they have received.
  6. You must keep and follow all Taylor Andrews Academy’s Policies and Procedures as stated in the school catalog to continue eligibility for the scholarship.
  7. Submissions must be received by 8-16-2020 11:59pm
  8. Winner will be announced on 8-20-20 via Facebook live.
  9. Valid for new students only with start dates of August 1st,2020 or later