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Customer Annoyance

I was at Best Buy the other day and purchased some games and karaoke CD's as holiday gifts for my children.  There were several items and I wasn't paying very close attention to the total cost which was over $400.  When I got home I noticed that I had been charged twice for a $29 golf game.  I went back to the store and pointed out the mistake.  The clerk gave me a funny look and said "We'll have to check our inventory to make sure this is right."  It was obvious to me that the clerk was insinuating that I might be trying to rip them off. I ended up waiting 20 minutes for them to count all of their games.  When it was clear that what was on the shelf matched the computer,  they asked for my card and credited the $29.  No mention of "sorry for the mistake,  no sorry for the inconvenience,  no thanks for coming in,"  Just "here is your refund copy."  Why is it so difficult for businesses to admit a mistake?  Often your clients will forgive you for a mistake if you apologize and try to make it right,  instead of acting as if the client is not trustworthy.  It's your choice,  you can practice customer service or practice customer annoyance.

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