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Day to Night Makeup Tips

After a long day of work, a night out might be just what you need. Whether you are heading out with that special someone, or spending a pleasant evening out with friends, chances are your makeup is going to need some more attention. The previous application from the morning will not suffice for the rest of the day. Follow these day to night makeup tips to make the most of your evening.


Cleaning Up


It is natural during the day for your makeup to run or smear in some places. At the end of the day, you may particularly notice this under your eyes. Before adding any more makeup, be sure to remove what is left from earlier. In addition to this, you should remove the natural oils your skin has produced over the course of the day, blotting them out.




Your nighttime makeup shouldn’t be identical to your daily style. Make your eyes really pop, adding a darker shade when applying eye shadow. You can use this same shade slightly underneath your eye to make it really pop. Make sure to reapply eyeliner as well, but avoid adding more mascara if you can as this can easily lead to clumps.




Choosing a color for your lips that is a bit darker than your natural color will give you an extra edge in the night. In addition to this, you can add shine to your lips over the top. This adds a less serious tone to your style, bringing a fun feeling to your night. Don’t overdo it if you’ve already added a healthy amount of eyeliner, as the contrast may be too much. Instead find the right balance between your lips and your eyes.




While your makeup is important, don’t forget about your hairstyle when switching from day to night. The natural oils of your hair have had time over the day to make themselves known. While these are healthy for you, their presence can give you a greasy look. Use a dry shampoo to absorb these oils, giving your hair a more beautiful appearance. Don’t be afraid to add a few curls to your style, or even add body after a long day.

Follow these simple tips to give an additional edge to your nighttime style. After a long day, these changes may be just what you need to give yourself an extra edge.

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