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Faith Mika – Featured Student of the Month!


This month’s featured student of the month is Faith Mika! Faith will be graduating from Taylor Andrews in April, and has gained the experience and knowledge necessary to become a successful stylist. There are many things that set Faith apart as a great student and stylist.


When Faith first began searching for the perfect hair school, Taylor Andrews immediately stood out. With opportunities in the form of superb instructors and an abundance of guest speakers, it was easy to join our team. Through her schooling, she has found that her favorite part of cosmetology is hair coloring, because of the opportunity it gives to create the just right color for her clients. She has found this to be her specialty in cosmetology, along with styling to the client’s needs.


There are many reasons why clients choose to book an appointment with Faith. She has proved her abilities by listening to her clients and being able to create the style they are looking for the most. Those coming to her with their cosmetology needs can feel confident that Faith will be able to deliver on the style you are looking for. Along with this, her friendly and down to earth personality makes her easy to talk to during appointments. Her attitude has set her apart from other stylists in the industry, always happy and laughing. Clients, instructors, and coworkers alike are able to see her positive attitude infuse everything she does at Taylor Andrews.


Faith has almost reached the end of her Taylor Andrews education, but that doesn’t mean this school won’t forever be a part of her life and career. Schedule an appointment with Faith to really find out why Taylor Andrews is different. If you are interested in a career in cosmetology, come by Taylor Andrews today! We can set you in the right direction for success, helping you gain all the required skills in the industry. We wish Faith the best after her graduation and know she will continue to excel as she has at our school.