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FantasyCon Hair and Makeup

This year’s Salt Lake FantasyCon will be held July 3rd through the 5th at The Salt Palace. There will be many events, appearances, and merchandise to be had during this convention. For those who are in attendance, one of the most fun and exciting parts is being able to dress into a character of their choosing. While the costume you choose will be important, your hair and makeup will set your character apart from the others. Find the character you most want to portray, or one you already look similar to and take the steps necessary to get that look.


Lord of the Rings



One of the most influential fantasy series is the Lord of the Rings. The story of adventure and overcoming obstacles when it was made into trilogy once again captivated audiences, most recently with the trilogy of the prequel the Hobbit. There are a wide range of characters to dress up as, each differing in complexity. Choose your favorite Middle Earth character whether it is a simple hobbit, or something as complex as Gollum. Since Elijah Wood will be the DJ of the FantasyCon kickoff party, his character Frodo might be one of the more popular costumes there.





Disney characters have often been popular choices for fantasy events. This year, the most popular Disney movie to hit the big screen has been Frozen. The characters of Elsa and Anna will both be popular characters. While their makeup will be fairly basic, the true test of these characters will be the outfit and the hair. For Anna, two simple braids going down the sides will work, along with a single white strand of hair on one side. For Elsa, one long sweeping braid around the back will get the right look.


Jack Sparrow


For years now the popular Pirates of the Caribbean character has appeared at events such as this in large numbers. For this character, both the makeup and the hair are very important. If you do not want to put that much into the hair, there are Jack Sparrow wigs that can be purchased, but don’t go light on the makeup. Instead dark eyeliner is a must, defining this character more than almost anything else.
If you are going to FantasyCon this coming year, make sure you are prepared with the best costume available. Rather that simply focusing on the outfit, put some time and effort into your fantasy hair and makeup as well. Whether you get this professionally done, or just work on it yourself, this is what will set your costume over the edge for success.

FantasyCon FantasyCon 2014 hair makeup

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