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Final thoughts on Treasure Hunt

Some final thoughts on the book Treasure Hunt.  I believe that the bottom line is that if you want to have amazing success as a stylist your best bet is to focus on the high end client.  As you you strive to provide the best service possible the success princples you practice High_end_salonwill become habits. Once you have become successful,  your competition will try to copy what you have accomplished.  You however,  will already be on to the next big thing.  There is no way that your competition can match what you do.  It is matter of culture and style and it would  Stylist require them to change the way they operate from the ground up.  Success truly does breed success.  As Michael Silverstein states: "Understanding how consumers needs are changing is an art,  not a science.  It is not a one-time action,  but rather a continuous effort to build a platform of knowledge."  By continually working to improve what you do and how you offer it,  you will give yourself a fanatastic chance at success.

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