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Former students having success- Janae Mechling Johnson

Recently former student Janae Johnson was back at Taylor Andrews for an advanced class which gave me the opportunity to sit down and find out what she has been up to. During her time as a student at Taylor Andrews, Janae was nominated by NAHA for Student Hairstylist of the Year. Janae recently won an Arties award from City Weekly as the best Artistic Hair Designer in Salt Lake City and is currently the Artistic Director for the Lunatic Fringe salons.

Taylor Andrews: Janae I hear your name all the time in the industry. It seems that you've really had some great success. What have you been working on lately?

Janae: I have been so lucky, working for Lunatic Fringe has given me some great opportunities. Last year I got to be Producer and Director for our One World Hair Show which was a great success. The show was based on Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Cultures. Each salon took a segment and organized all of the run throughs and timing.

Taylor Andrews: It seems like you stay very busy at Lunatic Fringe, what are some of your other responsibilities? 

Janae: Well, in addition to my own clientele, I am responsible for creating the original vision for all of the artwork we use in the salons marketing and for the salons decor. It gives me the opportunity to show off my creativity through photo work.

Taylor Andrews: Speaking of your photo work, I just saw one of your collections in Behind the Chair magazine. I'm sure that it's been pretty exciting to see your work published.

Janae: It really has. It's always so rewarding to see your hard work recognized. It was a good year. I had collections published in Behind The Chair, Launchpad and Cut and Dried magazines. Recently I finished new personal and team collections for the North American Hairstyling Awards.

Taylor Andrews: What advice can you offer to students?

Janae: I really loved my experience at Taylor Andrews, I got a great education. Everything was so creative and hands on. I guess I would say to take advantage of all of the different classes that are offered. Be part of the photoshoots. Go on the school trips. They're so much fun. The national guest artists are fantastic too. The motivational classes were great, I still use so much of the information in my career. I really felt that you encouraged us and helped us believe that we could accomplish anything we wanted. I would say to remember that there is always so much more to learn and that you can learn from anyone. Oh, and I wish I had taken the Makeup course! 

Taylor Andrews: Thanks Janae for sharing with us!!

Janae mechling
Some work from former student Janae Mechling Johnson