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Former students having success-Kelly Hanna

I have had the opportunity this year to check up on the progress of several former students and I am excited to say that there are many of our graduates out making a difference and finding tremendous success. Over the next few months I'll share some of my favorites stories in my words and theirs about their careers. I have found it very inspirational to see what they have accomplished in such a short time and I hope you will too.  First up is Kelly Hanna.  Kelly was both a Cosmetology and Makeup Artistry student.  Kelly spent about a year after school working with us as an instructor before moving to New York City.  Here is what Kelly had to say about her career.  


I have no doubt that I have been successful because of Taylor Andrews and mostly, because of you, personally. I learned so much from you and your school, it has been invaluable. Of course, I thought so at the time, but moving away really illustrated to me how thorough the education at Taylor Andrews really is.

Until recently, I was the assistant manager at the MAC Pro New York
Showroom. It was an amazing experience: I was able to work Fashion
week and several high profile jobs. I can't believe some of the
people I have met and done make up on! I left my job at MAC when a
photographer hired me to do hair and makeup for his book project in
Spain. I was paid (In euros!) to move to Madrid for six weeks. Of
course, I had a great time, learned some spanish and came back to the
states with renewed confidence in my career. Since then I have been a
freelance artist: The last couple weeks, I have been doing hair for
Tyra Banks Show.
During fashion week, I did makeup for William
Rast, the Barbie Runway show and freelanced hair with Christo Fifth
Ave and filmed with Christo himself in his upcoming reality show. I
did wig-styling and make up for Patricia Field's last three parties
and am the key artist at her launch party at the end of this month.
Last week I was a guest artist on the Beauty Hour with Jacob Makeup on
the NYC radio station 92.3! Yesterday, I just finished taping a
Threadbangers' episode. It will air at the end of the month, I will
email you with the exact date.
The best thing I learned at Taylor Andrews and my advice to everyone
in the beauty industry is: promote yourself constantly. I am my own
best advertising. Anytime someone comments on my hair, nails or make
up, they are getting a business card! I never take a day off from
handing out my business cards, it's how I have been successful. Then once
your name is out there, people start referring their friends: word of
mouth is always the best advertisement. (ok maybe a happy client
is..) Attached is a picture from the New York Daily News, I was featured in
an article last year during Fall Fashion week. Also, here is a video
from My Beauty Best Friend. (I won a make up contest in January)

Please personally thank Sherri for me, she is the first person that
taught me anything about make up-- I still use my notes from her


Former Taylor Andrews student Kelly Hanna working at Fashion Week.