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Graduate Spotlight Kortney Peterson

Where are you now in the beauty industry?
I'm currently in Meridian Idaho working at the Processing bar salon as a booth renter. I'm so blessed with having my clients booked usually two months booked out! Taylor andrews helped me so much on the business end to be able to do so.
What have you been up to since graduation?
I'm a hairstylist and traveling wedding photographer! So a lot of times I'll do my brides hair, makeup, and photos for their big day! It's been so busy! But so much fun being a "one stop shop" for them!

@kortneyjphoto: "Jordyn surprised her sweet and tender widowed grandma, with wearing her grandma's dress from 1962 for her own wedding! Her grandma had no idea Jordyn even had the dress in her possession until she walked out revealing it to her before the wedding rehearsal. So lucky to have captured this sweet moment!"

What things have you been able to accomplish or be a part of since graduation?
I went straight out of school back to Idaho, a month booked out! So I went straight to booth rent, and a month later went straight to renting out my own studio space! It was so much fun working 100% for myself and I learned so much about marketing myself and business.
What did you love most about attending at Taylor Andrews Academy?
What I loved most about attending taylor andrews, was how many opportunities it brought to me! From learning from some of the best artists in the industry with how many guests they bring in, to being able to enter into the North American hairstyling awards. (NAHA). There was one point in time that one of the guest artists, (Eden's sassoon, Daughter of Vidal Sassoon) invited me and 9 other of my friends to go back to Beverly Hills where she lived, and to stay with her. So of course we did! She took us to classes, and taught us so much! It was absolutely amazing. I wouldn't have gotten to do any of this if I didn't attend TA.
What would you say is the greatest thing you learned from school?
The greatest thing I learned from school, was to be kind. Not only to your co workers, but especially to clients. Make them feel like a million bucks and they will always be loyal clients to you!
Which of the National Guests Artists you saw while attending school inspired you and why?
Sam Villa was probably my favorite guest artist. He inspired me to always become a better artist and that nothing is stopping anyone from doing that except yourself.
What plans do you have for the future in the industry?
I plan to continue on working along side my photography and grow as big as possible! I love working hard! And so I plan to do just that.
What advice would you give someone entering the beauty industry?
SIT IN THE FRONT OF EVERY CLASS. TALK TO THE GUEST ARTIST. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN. You will learn SO MUCH and gain so many opportunities if you do those three things! That's what I tell all of my friends entering the industry. Three simple things that honestly make such a giant impact on the future of your career and your knowledge in hair.
Do you have a social media account or website we can direct people to view your work? 
@hairbykort on Instagram
Anything else you'd like to share?
Bring a part of this industry is honestly the best in the world. There is nothing better than making someone look and feel beautiful by spending just a few hours with them. Everyone told me that there is no money in hair. I gotta say. That's a complete lie. You can make some of the best money in the world off of doing hair if you set your mind to it and do everything you can to constantly get better and gain knowledge.