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How to Transfer to Taylor Andrews


The recent announcement that Marinello Schools of beauty are closing their doors to approximately 4,300 has everyone asking “how do I transfer beauty schools?”

The answer is surprisingly simple - read on to see what Taylor Andrews can do for your transfer experience.

Just like any transfer situation, Taylor Andrews must verify the credentials of each student to ensure that they are eligible to attend and receive financial aid and or federal funds. The process requires involvement with the Department fo Education, AACS, and NACCAS, if you have questions speak with an admissions representative.

Getting Started

The most pressing question on everyone’s mind is likely “what about my financial aid!?”, and understandably so. Keep in mind that all financial aid and eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis and is entirely unique to each student.

In order to get the ball rolling on your transfer process you’ll want to amend your most recent FAFSA filing with the Taylor Andrews school code.

Visit the FAFSA website and use this code 041732 to amend your most recent filing.

Schedule an Appointment

Amending your FAFSA is important, but so is scheduling an appointment to come and meet with an admissions representative.

Students transferring from Marinello will be provided an exit packet with the needed paperwork such as  Proof of Hours Completed/ Proof of Training.

Taylor Andrews is committed to get students back into the classroom after being displaced by the Marinello closures. Our number one priority is the continued education and training of students.

To make that happen we will host a special start date exclusively for Marinello students who are able to resume their instruction before the next official start date. Schedule an appointment with an admissions counselor for more information.

Further, Marinello students transferring to Taylor Andrews will NOT be required to purchase new kits, equipment or textbooks. Any supplemental tools needed can be negotiated through Taylor Andrews staff and instructors.

No student should have to abandon their career goals due to circumstances that can be improved! The sudden closure of Marinello Schools is both unfortunate and shocking, but rest assured that Taylor Andrews is ready to welcome a new class of students! Learn more, or call Today:  (801) 655-0797