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How to Waterfall Twist

This month Katie Frisby, one of our Taylor Andrews students has given us a step by step tutorial for a waterfall braid. While this braid looks beautiful and complex, Katie breaks it down in a way that’s easy to understand! Take a look at the step by step process, or watch the video below. Practice this braid to perfect the look.


Step 1

Take a small section from the front of the face. Leave out any fringe you like. Separate the hair in half and twist upward, taking the bottom piece over the top, twice.


Step 2

Take a small section from the top of the head and put it in between the two pieces (over the top piece and under the bottom piece). Drop the hair in between and twist once upward.


Step 3

Repeat step 2 until you reach where you would like to stop. Pull strands that have been dropped through to keep them tight and clean.


Step 4

Tie off with an elastic or bobby pin into place. Repeat the same braid down the side as many times as you like, adding the same strands from the first braid through the next.

Practice this fun style until you’ve got it down. It’ll be easier to practice on a friend, learning the skill before trying the waterfall braid on your own hair. For more tips and styles check back later on our Taylor Andrews blog!

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