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Kickstart Your Beauty Career

A career in beauty or cosmetology is a fun, exciting and rewarding one. The career is popular for both young students right out of high school and adults who want a career change.

As simple as applying make-up or cutting and styling hair appears, there are technical aspects that must be learned and perfected. Proficiency in one’s skills is also required. After all, a client’s look will rest in your hands. As eager as you may be to start your beauty career, here are some things you’ll need to get started:

  1. Go to Beauty School

    Whether you want a career in cosmetology, hairstyling or barbering, you’ll need to first go to an accredited beauty school and pass the appropriate licensing examination for the state in which they hope to practice in. Beauty school is a unique experience that involves hands-on learning at an accelerated pace. While there is homework and exams, the length of beauty school is significantly shorter than a traditional 4-year college. This means you can launch your dream career faster. Many beauty schools not only give students the needed experience, but they will help students prepare for their respective licensing exams.

  2. Create Your Portfolio

    A great portfolio is key in showing prospective employers and clients what you’re capable of and what your unique style is. In many cases, a strong portfolio is necessary to get that dream job you’ve always wanted. Taylor Andrews students get hands-on experience doing make-up, manicures and pedicures, barbering and hair styling on real clients at the on-campus salons. Students can take pictures of their work to create their own professional portfolios to show to employers and clients.

  3. Polish Your Interview Skills

    It is easy to cram your head full of knowledge and have an outstanding portfolio documenting your experience. What can be challenging is articulating your abilities in a professional, friendly, respectful and clear manner  to a prospective employer or client during an interview.

    Each workplace has a unique culture, style and feel to it and employers are interested in employees who support and exude that same character. A career in cosmetology and beauty also involves constant interaction with clients, making excellent customer service skills and a friendly, bubbly personality important.  Students at Taylor Andrews can get professional support from renowned faculty and staff including help with job placement and interview help. Our instructors and staff have many years in the industry and they know what employers are looking for.  

  4. Learn the Business Side

    Chances are, you may have been drawn to a career in beauty because you enjoy being around people and you have a passion to make them look their best. Few students know that there is a whole business side to the industry. Whether a student chooses to work for a salon, a large beauty care product or start their own salon, they are working for a business. Knowing the business side of beauty industry will make students stand out from other applicants and make them an invaluable part of their workplace.

The cosmetology or beauty career of your dreams can be a reality when you take these abovementioned steps. Contact Taylor Andrews today to learn more about our programs and take that first step in your dream career.