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Mentors Part 2

Layton_phillip_class_107_1 Mentors is the subject of the week and our  corporate Creative Director,  Allison Layton_phillip_class_036Price and Amanda Maxfield the Artistic Director of our West Jordan location  just had the opportunity to meet one of theirs.  Last week Allison and Amanda attended the Redken Exchange in New York City where they were able to attend an advanced color class given by Geneva Cowen, Justin Isaac and the amazing Kris Sorbie.  Kris was   named "Best Educator of the Year" at Haircolor USA, "International Hairdresser of  the Year" at the 2004 and 2005 Layton_phillip_class_083Canadian Mirror Awards, and a five time nominee of the prestigious North American Hairstylist Awards in the "Master Stylist " category.  Layton_phillip_class_084_1Allison is a very talented stylist in her own right (NAHA Layton_phillip_class_022 Nominated 2005 in the "Makeover" category) and both directors are firm believers in continuing education.  You can only inspire the best students by being the best.  This class proved why and how that can be done.  In Allison's own Layton_phillip_class_009words; "The Redken Exchange was excellent!  It is the best advanced academy offered , Kris Sorbie and the other instructors were phenominal!  I was both impressed and inspired.  I received cutting edge color education and was privy to one of the best, most encouraging teaching environments. " 
A mentor can help you travel down the road to success much faster.  Are you looking for yours?

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