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The Taylor Andrews Blog


In the last two weeks we have been fortunate to have a few of the finest artistis the industry has to offer visit Taylor Andrews. Recently we had the amazing Phillip and Mary Wilson. Phillip's free form haircut techniques were mind blowing and inspirational, and Mary taught us some wonderful ways to relax and focus our energy on what is really important. This week we were able to spend time with Master stylist Nicholas French. Nicholas inspired everyone with his incredible portfolio of Award-winning Avant Garde work from the last forty years. Mentors are so important. One of the most important facets of success is a good mentor. I recommend that you are diligent in finding someone who is successful, who shares your purpose, objectives, and agenda, and then pay great attention to what he/she does and how they do it. Now that may seem obvious to you, but then how do you explain that 99% of Stylists and Salon Owners work as if they've never heard of this logic? Success is about following proven principles and then putting your own spin on it. That doesn't mean that you can't come up with some landmark new idea, but, it does mean you'll still use proven principles to make your idea work. I didn't know a lot when I started my first salon, but I was smart enough to search out the education I needed. I had incredible mentors like Dr. Lew Losoncy, Donn Matlack, Dennis Millard, Michael Cole and Sam Brocato. 20 years later I'm now an expert on Salon Success. However, I'm still learning. There is always something new to learn and someone new to inspire you. My recent mentors have been Phillip and Mary Wilson, Ann Mincey, Eric Fisher, Nicholas French and Amanda Gore. I am excited about what we have accomplished, but I am even more thrilled about what the future holds because of the principles I have learned from these amazing people. You too can become successful by finding a mentor and following their lead. Remember you can eventually get south by going due north, but you'll find success and prosperity much quicker by following a great example that leads you in the right direction.


Award-winning Avant Garde stylist Nicholas French