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Cuts_for_chelsie_all_293 I've often heard it said that TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More.  I prefer Chelsie_burkto believe that it stands for Together Everyone Achieves Miracles.  That was never more evident than this past week when 200 students banded together to come to the aid of one of their classmates.  One of the students at our West Jordan location,  Chelsie Burk,  was diagnosed with kidney cancer,  which was growing rapidly.  Chelsie's family has insurance,  but not enough to cover this expensive surgery.  When Chelsie's classmates heard that she was thinking seriously about postponing surgery , some of her classmates took action.  Starting with just a couple students, they rallied the entire school Cuts_for_chelsie_all_225 around her cause.  Soon the staff was involved,  followed by the Layton students.  Within a few days students had an event scheduled called "Cuts for Chelsie"  in which all proceeds from the services on November 9th would be donated to Chelsie's surgery.  Students called in favors from friends,  talked to everyone they came in contact with and called the news media to publicize the event.  Professional stylists from several salons donated their time. Pepsi donated complimentary drinks.  Cuts_for_chelsie_all_309Starbucks donated coffee, and many other wonderful people donated items for a raffle and a silent auction.  The spark of an idea soon became a wildfire and through the efforts of these amazing students over $13,500 was raised.  With outside pledges still coming in , the students will have raised a "miraculous" amount for their friend and class mate,  Chelsie Burk.  Helen Keller said "alone we can do so little,  together we can do so much."  Truer words were never spoken.

Update:  Chelsie's surgery went well and the doctors feel they removed the cancer from the infected kidney.  She is recovering slow but sure at home now, and can't wait to come back to school after the holidays.  A biopsy of the portion removed during the surgery conclued that Chelsie's cancer is a new strain, something the doctors haven't seen before.  We are all rooting for her speedy recovery and quick return back to Taylor Andrews.

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