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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 13)

Mission 13 Have an Attitude of Abundance and Cooperation

 I really believe that you need to be willing to share the ideas, systems and principles that work for you. So often in our industry we are afraid of or suspicious of our competition, when in reality there is plenty of business out there for anyone who provides Incredible Customer Service for their clients. The most successful people are nearly always the those who are willing to share. The better that your competition does, the easier it is for you to be successful, because if they can do it so can you. Clients enjoy visiting an atmosphere in which their stylists aren’t worried about what others are doing, but instead are focusing on their own improvement and the clients experience.

 If you continue to put your energy into competing with others to avoid loss then you will continue to lose.  If you put your energy into stopping another you are the one who will be stopped.  When you concentrate on competing you stop your own prosperity and creative expansion because you put aside your own individual goals and purposes.

Jerry Cole Whitaker