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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 20)

Mission 20 The Perfect Close part 1. Retailing

 A great close includes a recommendation of the products used, an explanation of any referral program that you offer, pre-booking the clients next appointment and a guarantee. Let’s start with the product recommendation.

 Today and each day hereafter, use this system for selling products. Products are the most profitable part of the business and are as important as the cut or color to the look of the style. Most importantly when a client purchases retail hair care products from you, it means that they have bought into you.  Your client trusts you as their professional stylist to recommend the products they need to achieve their best look. A client using the professional products that you recommend will have better, longer lasting results,  and will be a walking billboard for your work.

 1. Mention the shampoo and conditioner you’re using at the back bar and why you have chosen it.

2. Hand them any product you use on them during the styling.

3. Give the client a testimonial about the product.

4. Guarantee your product and your service

5. Walk the client to the retail area. Tell them about the four or five products you used. Hand them the two products you think are most important. Don’t ask if they want to try them, just place them on the counter and begin your close. It is their choice if they want to put the products back, or buy one or both. Chances are that when given two products, the client will buy at least one. You must recommend from the heart. Truly believe that the products you recommend will make a difference in their appearance.

 The Average client has 19 beauty products in their bathroom.  They might as well purchase from you.