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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 23)

Mission 23  The Perfect Close Part 4 The Guarantee

I believe that you should guarantee everything you do. Look your client right in the eye and offer a sincere, honest, authentic guarantee. Say to your client; “If you have any challenges or concerns with any of the services I have performed or the products I have recommended,  please call me. I promise to take care of you.

It is critical to protect your reputation. Your reputation is like the golden goose, and your time and money is like the golden eggs. Occasionally you will have an unhappy client and you will need to give back some of the golden eggs by either fixing the problem or refunding the clients money. This is the cost of doing business. But, whatever happens, we can't afford to have anyone taking shots at our golden goose. Stand behind your work with a 100% guarantee.