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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 27)

Mission 27 Use your time wisely


“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” Diogenes

Successful stylists know that they must take control of their career.  One way to do that is by using your time wisely.  Today and every day hereafter,  follow this system for use of your time.

 1. Service your clients.

    -You’re first and foremost job is to serve your clients in such a manner that they want to return.

    -Service that is remarkable, will get remarked about.


2.  Help others with their clients. 

    -Successful salons are nearly always very team oriented. Every time you assist a teammate it

    -will come back to you ten fold.


3. Clean your station.

   -Clients love a clean station. They don’t want to walk through someone else’s hair. They don’t

   -want to have a hard time seeing in your mirror because it is covered in hair spray and they don’t

   -want to worry about whether your tools are sanitary.


4. Do general salon cleaning.

    -Even if your station is clean and the rest of the salon looks bad it reflects on you. And, once

    -again, anything you do to help the team will come back to you.


5. Market Yourself.

   -Here’s your chance. Call back your clients and see how that new color is working out. Send out

   -Birthday Cards, We've Missed You cards, or go to the mall and hand out VIP cards.


6. Study

   -Keep up on the latest trends, -both in fashion and business. Read Modern Salon, American Salon,

   -Salon Today and motivating books that help you to reach your goals. Attend advanced education.


7. Practice

    How do you get better? Practice, -Practice, -Practice