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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 28)

Mission 28 Keep Score for Success


In his groundbreaking book, The Game of Work, Charles Coonradt say that scorekeeping stimulates us to create more of the positive outcomes we’re keeping track of. It actually reinforces the behavior that created these outcomes in the first place. As a stylist there are 4 critical areas you need to keep track of. 

 1. Retention rate

    -Your retention rate gauges the quality of the experience you are providing for your clients. The

    -better the experience, the more likely your clients will return.

 2. Referrals

   -As previously mentioned, you must ask clients for referrals. No matter how good of a stylist you

   -are, you won’t keep everyone. A successful stylist keeps a steady stream of new clients coming

   -in through referrals.


3. Color and Texture Services

   -It’s a fact that not only can you make more money per hour in Color and Texturizing services,

   -but Color and Texture clients tend to be more loyal.


4. Retail

   -Selling retail to your clients is a triple win situation. Your clients get better results, the salon is

   -more profitable and you make more money and have a more loyal client.