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Mission Possible - An Incredible Career in 52 weeks (Week 31)

Mission 31 Incredible Customer Service Part 2

This week and for the rest of your life,  practice delivering Incredible Customer Service. Pretend that every client has MMFI written across their forehead: “Make Me Feel Important.” Remember, when it comes to clients, there is no right or wrong, only unhappiness or bliss. Remember, we are going to pretend the client is right, even when they are wrong. Happy clients create happiness. It is better to be kind than right. And Incredible Customer Service accrues from the simplest of things:

Be reliable                                     Call if you’re running late

Be consistent.                                Never say no.

Be a good listener.                         Don’t argue.  Be Nice.

Be on time.                                   Pay attention.

Have better hours.                         Smile until your face hurts.

Do a good job and the client will tell 3 people.  Do a great job and the client will tell 10 people.