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Myth Busting

I just received an e-mail advertising an upcoming educational event.  The e-mail stated how important it was to be there because "knowledge is power."  While I understand their intent,  the truth is that knowledge is not power.  Instead,  it is the application and implementation of knowledge that is power.  So what do I mean?  How often have you gotten fired up by some motivational speaker at an event only to come home and go back to the same old way of doing things?  The key to getting what you want in life is TAKING ACTION.  The next time you attend an event,  make a list of the top three things you want to accomplish based on your new knowledge.  Write a plan of action and then review your progress weekly.  In my experience most people have a hard time with follow through.  The only difference between where you are right now and where you'll be at this time next year is the action you take towards your goals.  How bad do you want it?

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