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Never Give Up on Your Dreams

If you have ever listened to my CD Incredible Salon Success,  you know that one of the principles I cover is persistence.  Persistence is one of the key attributes of high achievers.  Successful people just refuse to give up.  No matter what obstacles come along they keep working toward their dreams.  Tommy DeCarlo Tommy had a dream to be a rock star.  Although he had never got that big break he kept at his dream by recording songs with his karaoke machine every chance he got.  His favorite band was Boston,  and his friends and family told him he sounded just like the original lead singer.  His daughter thought he was so good that she put a Myspace page together for him with recordings of Tommy singing to the classic Boston hits.  Last year when Boston's lead singer Brad Delp passed away the band went looking for a new lead.  When Boston founder Tom Scholz heard the sounds of his band while his wife was on the internet he asked which concert it was from.  She responded that it wasn't Boston,  but was a fan's tribute page.  The band contacted Tommy and the rest as they say is history.  Tommy will now be touring as the new lead singer with the band this summer.  See more about this story here:


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