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New York City

Jami_new_york_class_028 I have traveled all over the country,  but until last week I had never been to New York City. Jami_new_york_class_008  I have always heard that New Yorkers were rude and impatient,  however,  I found the opposite to be true.  We had a great time in New York.  Great food,  friendly people and excellent service.  One memorable experience was at Del Del Frisco's Steak House.  From the moment we sat down at Del Frisco's we had two people serving us.  This was the ultimate in timely and attentive service.  There was always someone close by to keep the drinks full,  the bread bowl filled and the next course on its way.  The servers were quick to keep the experience perfect without being obtrusive.  The next time you sit down to plan how to improve your service you might think of Del Frisco's and their double server idea.  Two quick ideas that come to mind are: Brocato1. Extra staff at the front desk. I visited award winning salon owner Sam Brocato in Baton Rouge once and he had three receptionists/salon  coordinators at the front desk for a 15 chair salon.  No one ever waited for assistance because there was always a receptionist ready to serve them.  Sams retail sales were fantastic as well,  because if a stylist forgot to recommend a product the receptionist stepped in and made the recommendation.  They easily paid for the extra staff through increased sales and better client experiences. 2. An assistant program is critical for a successful salon. Stylists often worry about an assitant working on their client.  Their fear is that a client will be offended if anyone else works with them.  I have found the opposite to be true.  You approach the client with the idea that instead of one person pampering them,  now there are two.  Once your clients understand the concept they generally like the extra attention.

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