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Next Dimension Hair Show Success!

The Taylor Andrews hair show is one that many local fashionistas, hair style experts, and make up gurus look forward to every year. The Next Dimension hair show encompasses the year’s current and upcoming cosmetic and pop culture trends. Hair pieces displayed in the show take weeks to conceptualize and months to bring to life; the student’s hard work is apparent when looking at the expert craftsmanship that’s put into every styled section of hair. {real and false!} Congratulations and deserved ‘well-done’ to all of the students that had a piece in the show this year!


The day of hair show is hectic… to say the least! Preparation is begun well before she show is due to start, about 12+ hours before the show starts, actually. Models arrive at the school to have their hair corn-rowed and have the make up in the beginning stages. Corn-rowing one models hair can take up to two hours!


After a quick breakfast break it’s off to the venue, which is where the real mayhem begins. Squares of space are claimed for rehearsal by some groups, the stage is used by others. Hair is frantically being re-braided or touched-up. Hours before the hair show begins the head pieces are applied with an abnormal amount of bobby pins… and they aren’t light! Each head piece {at least when we asked models} felt like they weighed an extra seven pounds on their head. Make-up is completed in the final hours and then it’s lights… camera… action!


The show was a phenomenal success, everyone involved worked hard and the awe was clear on the spectator’s faces. Larry gave a short but sweet speech at the beginning of the show and ended by donating a $3,000 dollar check to benefit the YWCA. It was great to be able to raise that much money for such a deserving organization and Taylor Andrews was proud to be able to help out in any way we could, through  the magic of hair!