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Picking Out the Perfect Gift for Makeup Lovers

Picking out gifts seems like a brilliant idea. Oh, my sister loves makeup! or Oh! My best friend is always up to date on the latest makeup trends. Seems like a simple and well intentioned idea. That is, until you get to the makeup store and are completely overwhelmed with the amount of makeup available.

Here are a few tips to make your holiday shopping for that person in your life who LOVES makeup, just a little bit easier.

Color Matching


Stay away from cosmetics that need to be color matched. We’re talking about foundations, powders, and blushes. These things, when incorrectly matched won’t look good on anyone, and will never be used, meaning your gift kind of went to waste.

Instead opt for something a little less critical on color matching. Most eye shadows and lip glosses aren’t on the critical scale for color matching. A nice lip-gloss with a pinkish town and a little sparkle can be worn by girls with the fairest completion to girls with darker complexions.



While picking out the right color for your sister, girlfriend, or best friend can be difficult and intimidating, picking out brushes is a whole lot easier. Has your roommate mentioned how she’s lost her blush brush? Have you seen the horrible condition that your sister’s foundation brush is in? Well replace them. Every makeup store has at least a small collection of brushes to choose from. They usually range in quality and price. Don’t be afraid to touch the bristles or feel the weight of the whole brush. Some brushes feel more natural in your hand and some brushes feel nicer on your face. Find a brush that fits the recipients needs and your budget and roll with it! 

Other Options


If you become overwhelmed with all the makeup options and the endless types of brushes there are maybe choose a different route. Most makeup stores carry premade packages of makeup. They usually contain a complete collection of varied eye shadows, brushes, or other things. These mini kits are great because they cover all the basics for a starter makeup set.

You can also think about getting her cleansers for her face or her makeup tools. But know the recipient, some girls are allergic to certain ingredients and are sensitive to others. If all else fails, gift cards are always a great option!

By Fiona Marcelino