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Stamp4 I am sure you've heard the rules about taking liquids on a plane.  Supposedly,  you can take liquids of up to 3 ounces.  Don't be fooled.  If TSA decides your liquid items are a threat,  they're confiscated.  It happened to my wife yesterday.  Security at Salt Lake International flagged her purse for inspection.  She had several items of makeup in her purse,  all of which TSA deemed "suspicious" and they took them,  never to be seen again.  $200 worth of makeup,  gone because someone considered lip gloss and foundation dangerous.  (O.K. blue eye shadow in the wrong hands,  maybe,  but that's a different story)  At what point Lip_gloss do policies out weigh common sense?  Have you ever seen someone lipglossed to death?  Are there times in our own business when we let policies get in the way of common sense?  Remember policies should never come before people.  Policies are important,  they set guidelines for our business and the way we function,  however, if you treat every situation as unique and put people first you'll always be a winner.

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