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Prosper U: Success Begins with You at Taylor Andrews


It’s no secret that the beauty industry can be quite lucrative, but just like any other industry the truly successful are those who work to expand their horizons beyond the bare minimum.

Enter, Prosper U a business education program available to students of Taylor Andrews.

What is Prosper U?

At Taylor Andrews Academy, we offer many programs geared towards helping our students build successful careers upon graduation. While learning the proper techniques and creativity is important in cosmetology,  Prosper U offers an, innovative, hands-on, and result driven curriculum.

Take What You’ve Learned and Grow

Gaining skills to use behind the chair is only a portion of becoming a successful beauty professional, the next step is to learn how combine your creative mind with your business mind. This includes in depth business training to better prepare you for the challenges working as a beauty professional can have. The core of every stylist’s success is in their clientele,  even those who work in a salon setting rather than for themselves will need to market themselves.

The goal of the Prosper U program is teach up and coming students to attain, maximize, and retain their clients, while simultaneously teaching students how to be creative with a business mind.

Prosper U Can Teach You to:

  • Develop your own path for success, using your skill set
  • Build your salon or spa in a way that appeals to your target guests, making them feel comfortable and welcome
  • Give your guests a positive experience to keep them coming back
  • Develop “Legendary Customer Service”
  • Make the most of the time you spend with clients to ensure they build trust in you
  • Earn money in the best way you can
  • Keep productive by properly managing your schedule
  • Achieve your goals through a clearly defined path

Take advantage of this program through Taylor Andrews, helping you to achieve your goals in the beauty industry. This will help give you a well-rounded education and skill set, leading you down the path to success. Grow your business into a lifetime career you feel passionate about, learn more here!