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Reality Check

Here's a reality check for you.  Making money in the Salon Business is not about being the best haircutter or haircolorist or any other technical aspect.  I know that may offend some artists,  however,  the cold hard truth is that making money is all about marketing.  You can be the greatest haircutter in the world,  but if no one else knows it you're going to be broke.  You must learn how to market yourself.  First,  start with a great experience.  (Want ideas?  Listen to my CD "The Incredible Client Experience") Then,  stay in your clients minds consistently through internal marketing. (Thank you's, Birthday Cards,  We've Missed You etc.)  We don't want customers.  The word customer implies a one time transaction.  Instead,  we want guests.  A guest is someone we want to see again and again.  When clients feel like guests they come back more often and spend more money.  That is how you boost profits,  do more business with guests who already know you and like you and use your internal marketing to mulitply those guests.

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