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Salon Life 06

Today and in my next post I will be discussing my experiences at The North American Hairstylist Awards (NAHA) and Salon Life 06.Eric_8  The NAHA's are the Academy Awards of Hair and these images were both done by my good friend Eric Fisher who won the avante garde category last year and this year received a nomination for master stylist of the year. Salon Life 06 was a business and wellness seminar held the two days following the NAHA's. I have said recently how jaded I have become to most education offered in the Salon Industry, however, I may have to change my tune. The last two events I Eric_1have attended, Matrix Destination and Salon Life 06, have both been excellent. Too often we as hairstylists spend all our time learning the latest hair cut or hair color when in reality the majority of our success is based on our business and personal skills. Technical skills get you in the game, business and personal skills help you win the game. Want to be successful? It's time to get back to class.

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