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Salon Life Part 2

The first Salon Life had several memorable speakers. Four in particular stood out to me. First, Morrison James Morrison of TIGI. James was funny, informative and inspirational. His film "One Life Project" is a must see. Another speaker I truly enjoyed was Redkens Ann Mincey. Mincey Ann is the author of "Get Glowing", a book that encourages salon professionals to understand their value and significance. Ann gave a wonderful presentation on understanding the clients perspective. Third, Suze Orman gave salon professionals an eye opening lesson on New_about_mainsuze1personal finance. If you have any questions about your finances, Suze has one of the best and most straight forward approaches to help you get on track. I did however disagree with one thing that she said. Suze stated that the way that you dress for work doesn't matter. I completely disagree. We are in the beauty business. Why would I, as a client, ever trust you, if you don't look the part of a beauty professional. I'm not saying that you should spend a fortune on your clothing, but you better look like you know what you are doing. Your hair and makeup should be impeccable and your clothing should be too.Amanda  Amanda Gore was the final speaker and brought the house down several times with her hilarious look at how a great attitude can change your life. If you ever get the opportunity to see her live, she is well worth the price of admission. Salon Life 06 was a hit, excellent speakers with a lot of great information, I would suggest that you make plans to attend next years event, you won't be disappointed.

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