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Sam Villa: Taylor Andrews' New Partner in Education



2016 is without a doubt going to be a year with big things on the horizon. At Taylor Andrews one of the goals we have set for ourselves is to step up our commitment to our students and their success. Our plan to reach this goal includes investing in the Sam Villa Education package.

Who is Sam Villa

Sam Villa is a world-renowned artist who has changed the way that beauty and education interact.

Originally from New Mexico, Villa learned early on that he was enamored with the beauty industry and it seemed like a natural progression to fuse his passion for education with it.

The Sam Villa brand, Allvus LLC is focused strongly on providing stylists and beauty professionals everywhere with the most valuable educational tools possible; and the highest possible quality styling tools available.

Sam Villa believes that the foundation for a good stylist is in part the tools that they use, but also the way that they are taught to use them. It is this particular pairing of education that is designed to provide a foundation for long term success with the product line that draws Taylor Andrews to this partnership.

Partners in Education

The Sam Villa Education includes award-winning styling tools and unmatched guidance throughout your education.

Ultimately the tone of empowerment and growth through education is constant in all that the Sam Villa brand advocates for, further aligning it with the Taylor Andrews mission.

Taylor Andrews is a pillar of community and education, we work to prepare the future generations of professional stylists to make the world a more beautiful place.

Our approach to education is thorough and intensive, and it fosters the personal and professional growth of each student.

As a Sam Villa Partner in Education, we now offer more supplemental learning materials through the online academy, available now to students of Taylor Andrews.

The Sam Villa professional line of tools is a line of tools made “by a hairstylist for other hairstylists, with the right intentions” -Sam Villa


The Kit

The current kit supplied includes the Sam Villa Sleekr - soon the Sam Villa Professional will be the flat iron made available in those kits.

The coolest feature of the Sam Villa kit aside from the ergonomic design of each of the tools, is actually the heat styling tools.

A core tenet of Sam Villa’s styling approach is using tools the way that they will be the  most effective.

During a demonstration at our West Jordan campus, Villa highlighted the damage that high-heat styling causes to hair; especially color treated or heavily styled hair.

His line of tools regulate heat to increase the life of the styling tools by not burning out the circuitry. Timers and sensors will power the irons off if they sit at temperature without being picked up; this not only helps to keep to tools in good repair but it is also safer for the salon environment.

The ergonomic design of the Sam Villa hair shears is another revolutionary design feature that allows for a controlled motion and technique. Check out some of the free Sam Villa tutorials here.

What the Future Holds

Taylor Andrews has been the name for quality cosmetology in Utah for years, that legacy will only continue to expand with the success our program and students.

Check out our cosmetology program and learn about the brand new Taylor Andrews School of Barbering, and  schedule to speak with an admissions counselor today.

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